Update on Fake Melissas

RESPECT are so DISrespectful!


Offer excludes Vivienne Westwood shoes, alright!

“Respect” is the name of the store in Brunswick street that is selling the fake Melissas. I’ve heard from a lovely lass who is afraid she may have purchased some fakes off eBay, so I’ll list some more points to look for and some pictures.

First, the box issue. Here are some pictures of the authentic boxes and tags:
box 1


The authentic box is pull out, with a hole and metal ring to open it, and the sticker on the side gives a full description of the shoe and a drawn image (this is the box of the same style of shoe but the ‘Orb’ version). The tags are written in whatever it is that Brazilian people speak, and then English, is in two parts, and attached to the shoe via the gold ball-chain.

On the back of the tags is (I think) the style code, and what month and year it’s from.

Next, the sole of the shoes. Here is a picture of my own pair of VW Hearts, followed by a picture of my VW Orbs, and then the inside ‘sock’ of the Orbs, being the black colour. The sock on the fakes wasn’t all that different to the authentics, but another style had a full on different sock and tht peeved me.

shoe sock

When I went into the Respect store, I noticed another thing – the studs on the heel strap of the shoe are a cone shape and come to a dull point. The authentic shoes have flat disc type studs with only a slight round front.

Melissa shoes have a very distinctive smell, kind of like a raw bubblegum. My entire room smells of this now, due to having owned 15 pairs thus far, so I decided to take a whiff of the fakes. They have actually attempted to copy the scent! But they failed. The fakes smell sweeter than the authentics, and they kind of have a more banana lolly smell to them as opposed to the strong Hubba Bubba Original bubblegum.

Another thing to note is that on the bottom of the shoes they don’t have ‘Melissa’ stamped under the raised part. Another thing is that they only had two sizes stamped onto the underneath, the US size and the Euro size. Melissa shoes are made in BRAZIL and would therefore have the ‘BRA’ size as well!!

I hope this is a help! Feel free to ask me any more questions!


5 Responses to “Update on Fake Melissas”

  1. 1 Michelle October 28, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    Hi Nicole – I got your email and replied on Monday. I had asked if you would mind if I used your photos of the box and quoted you on the description with a link back; I don’t know if it got sent in to the spam box or more likely, you probably just haven’t seen it yet (sometimes I forget not everyone checks their email three times a day like I do, haha), but I went ahead and posted the post because I wanted to start contacting the other people the eBay seller sold to. Here it is:


    And let me know if you want me to take your photos/description down and I will. Thank you again, you’re been a TREMENDOUS help! :)

  2. 2 Rebecca Davies June 2, 2010 at 1:02 pm


    I fear that I may have bought a fake pair of Melissa’s on eBay. The second time I wore them, one of the hearts fell off, I was able to find it and glued it back on. The next time I wore them, the other heart fell off, I was unable to find it and now can’t wear them again – poor poor quality and I only wore them three times!!! I wouldn’t expect this from the real thing.

    I have since contacted the person that I bought them from on eBay, she assures me that they are real, I’m in the process of trying to find out where she bought them from.

    I will check these details that you provided of differences between the fake and authentic shoes, when I get home tonight. Your site is very helpful! The bottom of my shoes do have Melissa underneath, made in Brazil and have the 3 sizes, however the shoes did not come in a box, they came in a bag. Do you know whether it is possible for the authentic shoes to come in a bag? They also have no smell to them at all, another reason for me to believe that they may be fakes.



    • 3 nmwsc June 2, 2010 at 8:42 pm

      Hi Bec, yes, if the hearts have fallen off you’re almost guaranteed to have bought fakes, unfortunately :(
      There are Melissa shoe-bags produced however they come only with certain shoes, and only added to the box.
      If they don’t have any smell at all then you’ve got a bunger on your hands.
      How much did they cost you, if you don’t mind me asking? -Natalie x

  3. 4 Lea July 1, 2010 at 7:20 am

    I recently managed to pull out of a transaction on ioffer.com

    There are sooooo many fakes on this website. I cannot believe that its so obviously done. There are lots of variants and the VW Globe is messed up on the inner soles, the Globe should point to the V in Viviennne.

    People beware. Buy the real thing. These copies might look cute at first but these pretty shoes deffinitely do BITE!!!


  1. 1 Won’t Get Fooled Again: Counterfeit Melissa Shoes Trackback on October 28, 2009 at 11:02 pm

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