Blythe Hair Treatment

There are a few of these tutorials on the net but I thought I’d put mine up as well, with pictures and a little more information than the ones that I’ve read. This tutorial is for Blythes with clean hair. To find out about what to do with dirty, frizzy Kenner hair, or boil perms,  go to .

My model is Asha, my Heather Sky Prima Dolly (RBL).

First off, you must ensure that no water is going to get into the hole through the back of their head, or wet their eyelashes as they are water soluble (they will come off if they come into contact with water). Unless you intend on customising the eyelashes, you’ll be a sad panda if this happens.

I prepared my girl using Glad Wrap (cling wrap) and Magic Tape (or any tape that will not damage the surface of her face/makeup in any way). Wrap her pull string around her neck until it doesn’t hang. Fold the cling wrap in half and wrap it completely around her forehead, the back of her head, and the sides, making sure you don’t trap any of her hair in it. Put a line of the tape around the top of the cling wrap all the way around. This will make sure no water comes into contact with her face. If you’re worried, you can add another line of tape around the bottom of the cling wrap.

Asha's covered face

Asha's covered head back

Find a liquid fabric softener that won’t bleach or discolour the hair in any way. Also, make sure you like the smell of it as that’s what your girl is going to smell like for ages! I’ve used Amway’s Signature Fabric Softener. Fill a container with warm water, and wet your Blythe’s hair with smooth, kind movements.

Asha getting dunked

Now that you’ve done that, put in a small amount of the fabric softener (especially if it’s concentrated). The water should be cloudy. Use the same movements as above. You can let her hair soak for about half an hour, but being impatient, I waited about ten minutes. Basically, as soon as all the hair is sopping wet, she’s ready to be rinsed. You can either pour out the mix, refill with clean water and keep rinsing her that way, or chuck her under a tap. Either way, all this fabric softener needs to come out, or things could get icky.

Now, squeeze out the excess water, and lay her on a towel. You can place her hair in between two sheets of absorbent paper to help get the excess water out of it. I put a hair tie around her head to secure her fringe in place. After about an hour, you can remove the protective tape and cling wrap, and comb her hair from the ends to the top of the head. She’ll take about two to three days to dry completely. Good luck!

Asha out of the water

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