Update on Fake Melissas

RESPECT are so DISrespectful!


Offer excludes Vivienne Westwood shoes, alright!

“Respect” is the name of the store in Brunswick street that is selling the fake Melissas. I’ve heard from a lovely lass who is afraid she may have purchased some fakes off eBay, so I’ll list some more points to look for and some pictures.

First, the box issue. Here are some pictures of the authentic boxes and tags:
box 1


The authentic box is pull out, with a hole and metal ring to open it, and the sticker on the side gives a full description of the shoe and a drawn image (this is the box of the same style of shoe but the ‘Orb’ version). The tags are written in whatever it is that Brazilian people speak, and then English, is in two parts, and attached to the shoe via the gold ball-chain.

On the back of the tags is (I think) the style code, and what month and year it’s from.

Next, the sole of the shoes. Here is a picture of my own pair of VW Hearts, followed by a picture of my VW Orbs, and then the inside ‘sock’ of the Orbs, being the black colour. The sock on the fakes wasn’t all that different to the authentics, but another style had a full on different sock and tht peeved me.

shoe sock

When I went into the Respect store, I noticed another thing – the studs on the heel strap of the shoe are a cone shape and come to a dull point. The authentic shoes have flat disc type studs with only a slight round front.

Melissa shoes have a very distinctive smell, kind of like a raw bubblegum. My entire room smells of this now, due to having owned 15 pairs thus far, so I decided to take a whiff of the fakes. They have actually attempted to copy the scent! But they failed. The fakes smell sweeter than the authentics, and they kind of have a more banana lolly smell to them as opposed to the strong Hubba Bubba Original bubblegum.

Another thing to note is that on the bottom of the shoes they don’t have ‘Melissa’ stamped under the raised part. Another thing is that they only had two sizes stamped onto the underneath, the US size and the Euro size. Melissa shoes are made in BRAZIL and would therefore have the ‘BRA’ size as well!!

I hope this is a help! Feel free to ask me any more questions!


Do want…

Oh dear, just as I promised myself that I won’t get anymore dolls for the rest of this year, CWC announces an up and coming collaboration with Hello Kitty!

Maybe it can be my Christmas present to myself!? :D

I’m thinking of naming the next however many girls I get after the women mentioned in Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s ‘More News from Nowhere’. Names include Janet, Betty… Well it sounds like a plan to me, okay!? :P

Last night my mummy had to go to hospital because she had pain in her right side… I had to call the ambulance and go with her to the emergency ward. where I stayed from 1am to 5am. I was soooo tired today. Mum is in bed asleep and I’m staying in her bed so I can get her things when she needs them. I took Cecilia Ann for company, and watched Strictly Ballroom on my Macbook.

Miss Cecilia Ann

I’m really excited to say that my Punkaholic People Blythe arrived today :) I named her Cecilia Ann after the song by the Pixies :)

She’s not available to say hello right now, as she’s upside down in a container filled with water and fabric softener.

I know a lot of the people on Flickr have had to treat her hair straight away, and though it is soft it almost feels… gluggy? But I’m sure once I’ve finished soaking her she’ll be all good.

And I’m not too sure that her hair is supposed to be different lengths on each side? I don’t think it is, but my Ceclia does, but I guess she can get away with it because she’s a little punkster :P

Her stock clothes remind me so much of me when I was about 14 – LOL!

Pictures to come soon, but I’m busy making preselection kits for uni, so it could take a while! D:

Haha post soon xx

Total Toss Up!

I’ve been given more shifts for work this week, and therefore can definitely accommodate my dolly lust! But now it is just a total toss up between Punkaholic People and Over The Stripes: Happy Everyday.

They are both so cute and both have great stock…

PUNKAHOLIC PEOPLE (top image slightly customised)
(KellyBelly and DollFaceBlythe on Flickr, apologies if this conflicts with Copyright)

(chris_blondie and Keera on Flickr, apologies if this conflicts with Copyright)

But then, whilst looking through listings for Enchanted Petal, I noticed she was quite inexpensive, so I guess she’d be another candidate…

(sadaloha – unplugged on Flickr, apologies if this conflicts with Copyright)

Dolly Lust

Not again… so I stumbled across a doll I didn’t exactly know existed until I lurked Blythe listings on eBay…

CWC x Over The Stripes Collaboration doll: Happy Everyday

She is so adorable and I enjoy her short hair. She comes with a whole heap of tshirts, and I tshirt for me to wear too!… if I win the bidding…

My favourite Flickr photo which spaceballed when I tried to insert it into this post

If I don’t get her I’ll be on to Punky… I should get one before I finish my exams.

My stop motion video is going quite well, but it would be awesome if I could get more dolls into this thing, which is half the reason why I’m intending to buy the dolls so frequently. It is due next Monday though…

Fake Melissa!?

It has come to my attention that there are shoe pirates that are currently attempting to steal the Melissa design work!

I’ve just found a bunch of eBay auctions where people are bidding up anywhere from $50-$100+ on FAKE Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes! They’ve ripped off the Lady Dragon style, the Desire style, and created one that looks like a bit of a hybrid of other Melissa shoes, but all contain a ‘stamp’ in the shoe denoting that they are infact supposedly “Melissa”.

I was walking down Brunswick Street today, and an actual SHOE STORE was displaying the fakes in the window! Well,  to whoever is doing this, you are totally BUSTED because I informed the lass who I get my pairs off who called the Australian supplier to let her know the vandal that is striking.

You POOR people, spending ALMOST RETAIL on FAKE SHOES!

I figured I’d post some info of how you can decipher the genuine from the copies.

First, if it’s a store you’re buying from, check the Melissa Australia site first for the list of Australian stockists. Legit places include Obus, Fat, Order and Progress, and Gidget to name a few.

Second, look at the site and see what styles are actually for sale. Is the colour of the shoes there? If not, you are most likely about to risk your dosh on fakes.

When I first came across the eBay fakes, I thought that they might on the off chance be selling shoes from a different season, due to the seasonal differences around the world. I went on the Vivienne Westwood online store where they have what to expect from the Melissa x VW line, and these shoes were NO WHERE.

If you can see the box they come in, it should be blue, and SLIDE out. If the top of the box lifts up, you are getting a fake. This only applies for the VW boxes.

Look at the swing tag. I went inside the store on Brunswick street and they indeed had copied the tag as well. The authentic shoes contain a small booklet-like tag, where as the fakes only had one piece. The authentic tags are also attached to the shoe with a GOLD BALL CHAIN, where as the fakes only had STANDARD PLASTIC.

If you are a Melissa collector, you will notice that the quality and sheen of the product is in fact not that of Melflex plastic. But, if you are a Melissa collector, surely you wouldn’t have to read this article to learn how to tell the difference! :P

The CURRENT legit colours of the Lady Dragon Hearts are light blue with a red heart, salmon pink with a black heart, a pearl/white with a red heart, and yellow with a black heart. And please note that ONLY the Lady Dragon style has the heart on the toe.

Hopefully this should help! If I can rustle up some pictures I’ll post them in the next day or so.

Take care! xox

And now she’s safely here…

I can take her off my wishlist now! My girl arrived safe and sound, and I must add that she is positively PERFECT!

So yes, I’ve called her Vivienne due to her bright orange hair (re: Vivienne Westwood) and basically she is just a dame. If she were a real woman, I would turn for her. Here is a panty flash my girls took on Daily Booth:

I got dumped last week and for some reason he left me $50 on my desk. I did the responsible thing and went and laybyed new shoes!

And now I must cut this post short, as I’m now apparently running on reserve battery and I didn’t bring my MacBook charger! Oh dear!



Happy days are upon us because I won the bidding on the Cloud 9 Bowl Blythe I mentioned in my previous post. I scored her for $232 so I was pretty happy. I ended up selling both pairs of shoes I showed on here, mainly so I can pay for my phone bill!

Tomorrow there’s a Blythe meet in Werribee held by Natalie (obviously a different Natalie!) and it’s also a customisation work shop so I’m very excited!


Oh Lord…

I’m currently going around in my room, seeing what I can sell.
I did decide to sell those Melissa boots, but I think I’ll keep the pink ones for the moment.
I’ve packed up large bags of clothes to sell at my semi-local Gothic and Vintage store.
I am doing this because someone has listed a Cloud 9 Bowl Blythe doll on eBay in Australia, and she was next on my list to buy after Miss Sally Rice.
Perhaps I’ll even try to sell my electric guitar which I haven’t played in eons!
Ahhh… what dolls can do to you!
Maybe I should apply for a credit card… uh oh…

Kidrobot Store Lurking

I hadn’t visited the KR store for a while so I figured I’d have a snoop. Here are some items that either my mouth dropped open over, or I’ve had a liking for some time.

Babo with his Cookie Shop – USD$100
The original light blue to silver one is for sale at Robio, but alas! I have no money! D:

Mini ‘Stache Labbit PRIDE 5 Pack – USD$16.95
I would literally stick these to the dashboard of my car.
Anyone feeling generous? :P

I’ve wanted a Nooka watch for such a long time… USD$130

My face fell off when I saw this.
I’d seen the white one, but now it comes in pink! USD$1,250
I’ll never be able to afford such a stool at the rate that I’m going (dole bludger/entrepreneur) but hey! I can dream.

I’m listening to Iggy Pop.


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